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Ripping Pike and Walleye with Lipless Crankbaits

Ripping Pike and Walleye with Lipless Crankbaits

Today we demonstrate how to catch numbers of pike and walleye on lipless crankbaits. And you can easily do it from a boat or as is the case in this video, a kayak. It’s a simple effective method to cover a lot of water and catch numbers of fish, even when the conditions are less than optimal for walleye fishing, i.e. slick calm and sunny. With a fishing kayak and spinning rod and reel combo, some light braid with a fluoro leader, you can take a lipless crank like the Rapala Rippin’ Rap and cover large swaths of the body of water efficiently.

In this video, McKeon Roberts eases along covering water and picks off northern pike as well as summer walleyes consistently. In the summer, these fish can often spread out and be over very large areas. While conditions and times of the day might group the fish up, when they spread out like was this case in this video, it can make fishing really tough. But by changing your mindset and making up your mind to try to get a fish here and there as you seek to fish larger areas efficiently, you can actually end up with a bunch of fish by the end of the fishing trip.

So get you a good spinning reel, with a good drag system, as ripping pike and walleye with lipless crankbaits like this, you need to have a forgiving tip and drag to keep the fish pegged on a rip with these erratically fished hard baits. Here’s the quick rundown of what we used in this video to catch our fish.


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