Kayak Hunting Lunker Bass in Remote Public Waters

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There are few things in fishing more rewarding than discovering a new lake and experiencing exceptional angling. That’s exactly what Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson and Mitch Anderson encountered during this backwoods fishing kayak expedition. Kyle demonstrates the effectiveness of a jig and weightless wacky rig fished around shoreline cover, and how to methodically fish down productive stretches using the wind and backpedaling function of his Old Town Topwater 120 PDL yak.

Finding the warmest water was key on this day — Kyle provides some pointers on reading lake temps based on geography, then your fish finder. Indicators like emerging lily pads signify mud bottoms which warm quickest, while bays protected from prevailing winds and separated from basins function as heat sinks. Combine these areas with isolated cover like laydowns and you’ve got a winning pattern as demonstrated with a lunker pushing the 6-pound mark.


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