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3 Baits for Finding and Catching Bass on New Lakes

Come along as Wired2fish’s Kyle Peterson chronicles his experience on a new lake searching for largemouth bass. This lengthy VLOG covers his method for finding and catching bass out of a fishing kayak on a lake inaccessible by boat and trailer. Much akin to Seth Feider’s “instinct strategy” that led to his 2021 Angler of the Year crowning, Kyle takes an observational approach to habitats like weed varieties and baitfish. Your eyes and ears are the fish finder here.

Peterson then goes on to share his 3 go-to lures, a mix of moving and vertical, that allow him to cover water quickly, then slow down and thoroughly fish bass-holding areas. A frog and swim jig excel at covering the top and middle water column, respectively, while a good old-fashioned Texas rig and creature bait cover the bottom. Whether you’re kayak fishing or fishing from the bank, a worm, a jig and a frog can get through most any grass and get the fish to commit.