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Twitch Baits for Bass: When and How to Fish

Twitch baits are a mainstay saltwater fishing lure but too often overlooked in freshwater and particularly for bass. Wired2Fish contributor, Cliff Pace, explains why he’s added twitch baits to his regular hard bait lineup and how to fish these versatile baits. For one, a quality twitch bait “walks the dog” effortlessly underwater — a proven fish-catching cadence that’s rarely employed beneath the surface. Add to that the ability to freestyle the bait, and you get a jerkbait with a smoother, more subtle gliding action that also emits less vibration.


While Pace groups jerkbaits and twitch baits together, he highlights some fundamental differences in action and how to fish these baits. The lack of a bill produces a smoother, less erratic, and quieter overall presentation than a traditional jerkbait — this makes twitch baits an excellent choice in clear water, around spooky fish, or when you want a stealthier bait overall. Pace explains how to fish twitch baits using controlled slack and why a 12-pound fluorocarbon line is the ideal pairing. Lastly, he discusses how he selects the bait color based on water clarity, sky conditions and the predominant forage.