Prespawn Bass Fishing with Jerkbaits | Timing, Locations and Best Baits

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The prespawn calendar period presents the best opportunity to catch big bass, and jerkbaits are arguably the best lure category for triggering bites during this cold water timeframe (and in the winter!). Missouri native and jerkbait fishing expert Randy Blaukat teaches how to determine the prespawn based on water temperature, where to target bass on both highland reservoirs and southern lakes and the best baits for your region of the country.

Highland Reservoirs
Southern Fisheries (sand and grass)

Water temperature is the driver between the winter and prespawn and drives bass movement in response. Blaukat shares two key areas to find bass on highland reservoirs and ties two different baits to each based on their performance attributes (namely running depth). He then explains where he’s had the most success finding bass on southern impoundments and lakes dominated by grass and sand. Larger, more aggressive jerkbaits get his nod here.

And while he does jerkbait fish with spinning gear, Blaukat details his go-to casting rod setup and line preference based on the situation.