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First Look: Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP

It took me a while to appreciate jerkbaits. When I finally made myself fish them, my success skyrocketed—especially in tough fishing conditions. Since they became such a big part of my arsenal, I’ve been testing and experimenting with just about every jerkbait on the market. 

I’ve been using the Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP 100 this season and I’m incredibly impressed by how well it catches bass. After thousands of casts and many hours in pretty tough conditions, I can confidently say it’s a lure that should be on your radar this year. 



A high-end jerkbait needs to cast well; there are no two ways around it. Some of the best jerkbait fishing you’ll experience will be in windy conditions and bass love to position facing the wind—that makes castability an essential quality I look for when choosing a new jerkbait. It’s hard to catch bass when you’re picking out backlashes. 

The Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP 100 is one of the best-casting small jerkbaits I’ve had an opportunity to test. It measures 4 inches and weighs 3/8-ounce, so it’s not a big lure by any means. It does, however, have an internal tungsten weight transfer system which allows a medium-action rod to launch this lure impressive distances.

Due to its castability, this jerkbait has been getting the call on ultra-windy days when I’m covering vast expanses of water. Whether I’m fishing points, 45-degree banks or large flats, I’m able to cast directly into the wind to ensure the bass get a long look at it. 



The Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP has a great-looking action and stays in the strike zone for a considerable amount of time. With sharp, downward twitches of your rod tip it will slash and dart from side to side, but it doesn’t move too far towards you. This is major selling point for me because the longer a jerkbait stays in the optimal strike zone, the better chance I have of coaxing nearby fish into biting. 

This jerkbait also suspends very well without modification. I’ve tested it in a wide range of water temperatures and when paused between twitches, it has a great-looking nose-down stance that gets a lot of bites. 

I think that’s a major reason why I’ve had so many bites while this lure is sitting completely still. I’ve been retrieving it with a generic jerk, jerk, pause cadence and more times than not, the fish have been choking it on the pause. 



I’ve wanted to order a few more of these for myself and every time I look through the color selection on Tackle Warehouse, I have a hard time choosing. There are 22 colors to choose from and once you look through them, I’m sure you’ll agree: They’re all sexy. 

Regardless of your local forage base, you’ll find several colors to match what you’re looking for. I’m partial to the Aurora Black, American Shad, Gun Metal Shad and MS MJ Herring colors.


The colors seem to hold up quite well, too. Hook rash can be a major problem on some jerkbaits due to the constant slashing motion, but each Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP I’ve used has impressed me in terms of durability. 



This jerkbait is completely ready to fish, straight from the package. The hooks are sharp, the split rings are strong and as we discussed before, the lure suspends well without modification. 

I really like that even the smaller, 4-inch Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP 100 comes with three hooks. You’ll lose a lot of jerkbait bass because so many are hooked outside the mouth, but I’ve enjoyed an unusually high hookup ratio with this lure thanks to that extra hook. 

Final impression

If you’re looking for a smaller jerkbait when the fishing gets tough, I recommend putting this one on your list. It casts like a bullet, it has great action, the color options are beautiful and most importantly, it catches fish. 

The Lucky Craft Flash Pointer SP is available at