Ice Fishing Walleyes: Advanced Spoon Tricks

Wired2Fish staffer Kyle Peterson shares his early ice strategies for attracting and catching walleye. The game plan is based around making some noise; Kyle attracts walleyes by aggressively fishing rattling spoons that give off vibration and sound.

During the early ice period, walleyes are typically on the move and feeding heavily. While they are none too shy to take an artificial lure during this time, the more noise you make, the more fish you will have consistently swirling below your hole.

A traditional jigging spoon paired with a rattle and feathered treble hook tipped with a minnow head gives fish a prominent target while they pursue and strike the bait. Another great way of adding noise is through the use of a Hydrowave, which emits natural baitfish feeding sounds and boosts the curiosity of predatory fish.

Lastly, Kyle walks us through the process of dialing in your ice fishing fish finder for excellent readouts as well as what rod action and line types benefit this type of presentation.


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