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Ice Fishing With Tip-Ups 101

Despite tackle advancements, live bait suspended with hook, line and sinker can be the best presentation for game fish. In ice fishing, the real deal (meat!) appeals to lethargic fish, making a set line or tip-up a no-brainer.

Although easy to operate, there are some nuances of tip-up fishing anglers should be aware of. Kyle Peterson explains his strategy for fishing set lines and also why he never hits the ice without a pile of tip-ups (flags).

Flags can be used to target a variety of species and Kyle uses different rigs to pursue each. To distinguish which tip-ups are rigged for what, Kyle uses different colored lines to tell them apart. He then goes on to deliver some advice on managing line when preparing to set the hook and for a hand over fist fish fight.

Years of running a trap line and large tip-up sets have taught Kyle an important lesson – simpler is often better when it comes to fooling nature. Apply these tips to catch more and bigger fish while rounding out your overall ice fishing experience.