Choosing the Right Portable Fish House

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Ice fisherman have a huge variety of portable fish houses to choose from — they vary widely in size, configuration, and convenience and comfort features. Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson gives us a video walk-through of his Clam Voyager X Thermal Stealth portable ice shelter, and what features influenced his purchase decision.

The Voyager X is a versatile size for comfortably fishing two anglers but not so big that it limits remote access adventures (rigid hitch & hand-pull construction). Features like insulated walls, built-in LED lighting, padded and adjustable position seating and durable hyfax runners on the bottom make it comfortable and durable. A key element for Kyle was the black fabric. It blocks out daylight extremely well making it well-suited for sight fishing in the shallows, dark house spearing (where legal), and heat retention on sunny days.


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