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New Swimbaits for 2016 – ICAST


Megabass I SLIDE 262T ($94.99)

We love everything on this larger I SLIDE glide bait from Megabass from the packaging to the action and tracking of the bait. The videos of it in the water were beautiful. It’s 10 1/3 inches long and weighs 6 ounces


Megabass MAGDRAFT 10 Inch

The new size of the popular Megabass MAGDRAFT swimbait will give anglers wanting that bigger profile a large swimbait that you can still cast and skip around cover. It has a big kick and works at ultra slow and super fast speeds to attract the biggest predator fish out there.


Megabass Eeler

This unique swimbait offers a head that tracks true with a body that slithers side to side behind it. It’s weighted neutrally so you can kill it and let it pause and it will turn and twich really well with a wide S-track just under the surface.


Biwaa DEUS 5-inch

These will be great swimbaits on weighted and unweighted swimbait hooks, jigheads and as trailers to baits like chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. The plastic is super soft but with a stretchability that keeps them durable without going to the extremes of formulations that are elastic and hard to rig. 


Biwaa Sunder 6-inch

This 1-ounce swimbait really caught our eye. It’s a slow sinker with a great tapered swimming action. We can see this being a killer dock swimbait or around shallow cover because of its size and castability. 


Divinator Compact

Building off their popular Divinator line, the Compact will offer anglers more of a power presentation with a more bluegill type profile that can be fished fast around shallow cover and  shallow water and function more like a lipless crankbait or a spinnerbait.


Sub Swimmer and Sub Kicker ($15.99)

The Sub Swimmer is made to be more of a soft glide bait while the Sub Kicker is a multijointed soft swimbait that has a nice tight undulation at slow and fast speeds alike. They use soft meshwoven fiber to hold the baits together for lots and lots of fish on a soft swimbait. 


Biwaa 3 1/2-inch Strout

The baby brother of their popular 5 to 7 1/2 inch Strout swimbaits, the 3 1/2-inch version is said to be a fish catching machine and will be popular on ultra clear and smaller bodies of water.



The smaller version of the SPRO BBZ Rat will meet a lot of demand for a version of the rat that is easily cast around shallow cover and to shallow spooky fish. Same great action in the smaller profile for which many anglers have been asking.


DUO Onimasu

This new glide bait from DUO offers a very narrow profile in a large glide bait with a wide action that flees more on the kick and pause than traditional glidebaits because it was designed with the tournament angler in mind. 


DUO Prometheus Project

This has been an ongoing project for more than 3 years of design and testing to redefine what “realistic” means in building fishing lures. Not only realistic from shape, color and styling but also on function and usability for the angler. We look forward to seeing this swimbait project being completed!d


Z-Man Mag Swimz

This 8-inch swimbait looks awesome in the water with a slow lumbering roll, twist and kick. Very seductive looking to big bass. It will come 3 to a pack for $9.99 and should be awesome for deep ledge and shallow bass alike.


Z-Man HeadLockz swimbait heads

These new swimbait heads offer a unique locking keeper for any plastic swimbait but especially the Z-Man line of soft swimbaits and will come in heavy-enough sizes to probe the deepest bass haunts.


Lucky Craft Real Ayu

The new glide bait from Lucky Crafts Real Swimbait line.


Lucky Craft Real Bluegill

A beautiful looking new swimbait in and out of the water that mimics big bluegills for big bass. 


Spooltek 6-inch Fatty

This new swimbait concept from spooltek is interesting. The 1-ounce swimbait has a good swimming action, features a hard head that comes with a soft tail, but the key is in it’s unique hook and leader technology. A hook is wound onto a rotor so that when you hook a big fish, the hook separates from the weight of the bait and the fish is tethered on a strong braid leader so the fish has no leverage.


Gan Craft Jointed Claw 303

This is a beast of a swimbait weighing nearly 13 ounces and almost 13 inches long. Truly not for the faint of heart, but a bait that has been in high demand from big bass hunters and inshore anglers alike. 


Nonkee BASSROID Glide bait


AA Worms Bad Bubba Shad

AA Worms has a new larger swimbait body to go with its heavier swimbait heads. We think these will be very popular swimbaits from coast to coast for anglers looking for a good, low-cost deep swimbait.


DEPS Giant Bass Swimbait 

Check out this DEPS Giant Bass swimbait. It is an absolute monster of a swimbait. 


DEPS half swimbait half mangum spoon bait

Another new giant prototype swimbait from Deps. This one can be worked like a swimbait but then you can give it a rip and let it flutter like a big magnum spoon with the entire bait being chrome plated. Very interesting concept.


DEPS Silent Killer and Bull Dozer swimbaits

Deps will be releasing two new glide baits with lips this fall. The one based off the original trout glide bait will be called the Silent Killer. The other one (not show) will be based of the bluegill glidebait called the BullShooter and it will be known as the Bull Dozer.