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New Multispecies Tackle for 2016 – ICAST

Here’s a look at a diverse offering of 2016 multispecies tackle launched at ICAST.


Westin Lures Swimbaits

If you are into fishing big toothy critters like pike and musky, it is worth your while checking out this Danish company’s unique swimbait offerings.  


Westin Lures Mike the Pike

Big pike and musky are territorial fish, and this bait simulates an immature pike very closely. Tank testing revealed a tuned and smooth s-pattern swimming action.


Radar Lures R-EYE Jigs

We are intrigued with this swing head design paired up with an octopus hook for walleye. The hook point rides up and appears protected by the head, so it ought to be a good option for walleye fishing in and around grass.


Northland Swivel-Head Jig

Another smart swing head application in the walleye marketplace. The swivel allows 360 degree rotation of live bait or platic trailers on the long shank hook, and reduces leverage when fighting fish.


Northland Mimic Shad Minnow UV

We have had good success on Northland’s UV jigs in the past and are pleased to have the color added to their popular and productive Mimmic Minnow line. The UV colors will be a good option in dingy water and low light conditions.


Northland Impulse Live Paddle Minnow


Northland Bionic Bucktail Spinnerbait

This pike and musky spinnerbait has a v-shaped head to keep the lure tracking straight and deflect cover away from the blades and hook.


Gan Craft Shaku-One 303

This giant glide swimbait measures 12 inches and weight 11 ounces. It is built for the bass market, but would be killer on big pike, musky and many species of saltwater fish as well. It is pricey at $249.95, but we marvel the quality and detail. If you are looking to fool monster fish, it may be worth a try.   


St. Croix Legend Elite Musky

This is St. Croix’s lightest and strongest line of musky rods yet. It is worth a look by bass fisherman as well, as it can easily handle casting the biggest swimbaits on the market.    


St. Croix Mojo Bass

The popular Mojo Bass line has received upgraded graphite blanks for a 15% weight savings and improved balance over the previous version. This technique specific line retails from $120 – $140 and comes with a 5-year warranty.


Lunkerhunt Naturals Hatch Spin

The entire Wired2Fish team was impressed with the ultra realistic “Naturals” line. This bait should produce well in the bass market wherever tailspins catch fish, but we are anxious to “bomb” walleye on deep structures with it as well. The Hatch Spin is 2 inches long and weighs 1 ounce.


Lunkerhunt Natural Series

A sample of finishes from the Natural Series.  


Lunkerhunt Naturals Straight Up Jig

Horizontal jigging lures like the Straight Up Jig have been quietly producing boat loads of walleye and bass of both species throughout the country. They come in 13 lifelike colors and 1/4 ounce and half ounce sizes.


Berkley PowerBait Pro Series

Several new profiles and colors come to PowerBait through their new Pro Series. The baits were extremely soft to the touch, which should translate to longer hold times by fish. Several great options for the walleye fisherman who prefers a power fishing approach over live bait.


Matzuo Big Blades Sickle Rig

Matzuo adds an extensive line of proven spinner rig blade and bead colors, ready to go right out of the package.  


Lindy Lil’ Guy

Unlike a spinner, the Lil’ Guy adds a non-rollover crankbait action to your livebait or softbait offerings. It has been a proven fish catcher throughout the north country.


VMC Pro Series Spindrift Spinner Rigs

The spindrift hook imparts rotation to a chunk of night crawler or softbait while keeping line twist to a minimum with the integrated swivel/hook design. A spinner adds to the action, resulting in a fairly aggressive walleye presentation that should trigger fish, and allows anglers to cover more water.


Lindy Wally Shad

The Wally Shad crankbait is 2.5 inches long and weigh 1/3 ounce.  They are available in 11 color patterns.


Nichols Ben Parker Blade Bait

This heavy metal shad imitating blade bait has us really excited for both big bass and musky relating to structure.


Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon

Ben Parker’s stellar spoon lineup now comes three sizes: 1) 9 inch, 4 ounces 2) 8 inch, 3 ounces 3) and a 6.5 inch , 2 ounce model.  


Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Spoon

This Shattered Glass pattern spoon comes equipped with two stinger hooks that have proven effective in hooking and holding bass. This bait is sized very well for big pike and musky too, and should excel in northern waters that contain tullibee and whitefish.  


Savage Gear Pre-rigged Line Thru Swimbaits

A massive 16 inch, 24 ounce behemoth with fully integrated wire leader for the biggest and baddest musky. We were highly impressed with its life-like swimming action in the tank. Comes in several sizes and color patters.


Savage Gear Hybrid Pike

Another pike and musky swimbait designed to simulate an immature fish in the neighborhood. Beautiful finishes and the ability to swap between curly tail and boot tails. A built-in wire harness separates from the body when you hook up, and rotates freely on a ball bearing swivel.