New Fishing Storage for 2016 – ICAST

Plano A Series


The A Series is Plano’s premier line of tackle bags. We really liked their Quick Top 3600 and 3700 models because they give you easy access to your favorite tackle as well as a cell phone compartment. This series also features a waterproof base that will keep your gear dry, even when the ground is wet. 

Plano Guide Series Blade Bag


Like an old worm binder you’d see, but a little more intuitive. Spinnerbaits are a pain to store but this binder keeps ’em orderly at all times. Also has compartments for those small, easy-to-lose spinnerbait components. It’s priced at $25. 

Plano M Series


This series is all about high-capacity storage. Rubber-coated zipper pulls and an optional HydroFlow bottom are additional features as well. 

Plano T Series


If you’re one of those folks who likes loud colors and standing apart from the crowd, this tackle bag is for you. It comes in loud, contrasting colors and is priced at $50. It’s smaller than many of the smaller models, but that’s what makes it a bit more affordable. 

Plano Weekend Series


This series was designed for the recreational weekend angler and it’s priced in the $15 to $35 price range. It has zipper tops and does everything you need a tackle bag to do. Not many bells and whistles, but that’s not always a bad thing. 

Plano On Board Series


If you need some help organizing the inside of your boat, you’d probably be interested in this storage bag. It’s meant for leaving in your boat instead of toting it around. It has a very smooth and streamlined footprint with zero bulk or side pockets to take up extra room. 

Plano Women’s Series


An all-new design, this particular series was designed specifically for female anglers who prefer some extra storage and fashion on the water. Of course, it stores tackle trays and what not, but you’ll also find some extra room for anything else you could need for a fun day on the water. 

Flambeau Waterproof Satchel


Good-looking tackle storage system right here. The “satchel” name is a bit confusing because it’s a hard tackle box, but nonetheless, it’s a solid system designed with efficiency in mind. It floats, comes equipped with Zerust dividers and optional Ultimate Tuff Tainers. We really liked the recessed working area located on the lid of the box. You’ll be able to choose between 4 models. 

Flambeau Waterproof Tuff Box

A small dry box that, well… keeps your stuff dry. It floats, it’s shatterproof and it comes with a handy lanyard. Priced between $9 and $16.

Flambeau HD Case

This case can be used for a number of things-marine electronics, GoPro cameras, fishing reels or even handguns. It’s waterproof, it floats and it features Zerust technology as well. It’s available in two sizes and starts at $69. 

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