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Fishing reels are always some of the coolest new products at ICAST. Check out the new reels for 2016 fishing seasons. 


13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster

Here is the sweet new baitcaster from 13 Fishing that gives them a solid reel at the $120 price point. It has 8 ball bearings, left and right hand options, EVA knobs, and 6.6:1 and 8.1:1 ratios.


13 Fishing Offers Left Hand Reels

13 Fishing has taken some constructive criticism over the years for their lack of left-handed models. The new Inception plus Concept A and C reels will see left hand models for the new fishing season. 


13 Fishing Trick Shop 

13 Fishing is a brand focused on fun and innovation. They offer the trick shop to match your reels to your personal taste and have developed 20+ reels to be compatible with all Trick Shop components. So regardless of your reel you can trick it out anyway you want. 


13 Fishing Trick Shop Custom Concepts

13 Fishing is looking at making special runs of custom reels for retailers and consumers in the near future. We thought this was a pretty slick skin for a Concept reel. 


Abu Garcia ProMax

Abu Garcia revamped its line of Max reels while adding features and keeping the same great price points. The ProMax  is $79 with a lower profile and better composite side plates and controls.


Abu Garcia Black Max ($49)


Abu Garcia Silver Max ($59)

Abu Garcia Silver Max looks great and feels great for a composite reel and we really liked the Rocket Clutch similar to a flipping switch but more durable. 


Abu Garcia Abumatic S, SX and STX

The Abumatic line has been completely revamped. The S ($20) and SX ($29) have graphite frames and steel caps and the STX ($39) is aluminum. It uses S Matic casting that does not pinch the line for smooth casting for the life of the reel.


Abu Garcia Abumatic S


Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Inshore


Abu Garcia Revo Spinning SX

Abu Garcia revamped their spinning reel line up with the Revo Spinning release feature S ($129) SX ($159) STX ($199), Premier($249) and MGX $299. They are IMC6 body designs which yields much smaller bodies and lightness becuase of gearing in the stem and more inline in the reel. The spool design and angle of bail actually manages your line on the casts to yield more distance and little to no wind knots ever. And the AMGearing in the upper reel models will give you that out-of-the-box new feeling for many years.


Abu Garcia Revo Spinning Premier ($249)


Abu Garcia Revo Spinning MGX ($299)

This is one of the lightest and smoothest reels we’ve used in a while and with 6.2:1 gear ratios they are fast spinning reels with a lot of great features.


Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast ($399)

These oversized reels feature power stack drags, with a keyed system for 25+ pounds of drag, a Duragear brass main gear and dual braking as well as right and left hand options perfect for big muskies, huge bass swimbaits and other large predators like stripers, big trout and more. The Beast Toro offers Active Response to back off the drag on a big predator striking on short line. So you can back off your drag under tremendous pressure to avoid losing the fish.


Abu Garcia Revo S ($249)


Pflueger Limited Edition President Spinning Reel ($79.99)

This limited edition reel features carbon fiber handles and injected side plates, wood handles, 10 ball bearings, 5 sizes all at an $80 price point. 


Duckett 300 Series

New reels from Duckett Fishing feature carbon fiber infused molding, 6 ball bearings, simple centrifugal brakes for $129.


Quantum Team KVD Baitcasters

The new Team KVD Reels feature some new spool features to provide zero friction pinion design for longer casting reels, a 90 mm handle for better hooksets, 8 ball bearings, graphite frame and plates and 7.3 and 6.6:1 gear ratios in both left and right hand models for $79.99. 


Quantum Pulse 

The reels feature 5 ball bearings, left and right hand models in 6.6:1 gear ratio for $49 or a combo for $69. Graphite frame and sides, easy brake control and affordable prices. 


Quantum Throttle

This new spinning reel features 20 and 30 sizes and a new one-piece framed design that allows for the use of their RED Reel Engine Design. They can put the gears more inline and build a more solid spinning reel with this design. The reel has 11 ball bearings. All for $59.99.


Quantum PT Icon

This reel features a metal frame, graphite plates, PT ACS cast control, PT Drag system and 11 PT bearings with a 90 mm handle and EVA knobs for $119.


Zebco 800 Series reel

The 800 series of big spin cast reels from Zebco went a complete overhaul. The line features to steps at the base level, a salwater reel and a new bow-fishing reel. 


Shimano Stradic FK ($199)

These new reels from Shimano come in 5 sizes, with 6:1 gear ratios, HAGANE gear, X-Ship and HAGANE bodies for extreme durability and smoothness.


Shimano Sedona

The Sedona line of reels has been redesigned and feature 6 models with 5:1 gear ratios and XGT7 composite bodies, PLMS to reduce line slap and DynaBalance to remove wobble at an attractive $69.99 price point.


Shimano Calcutta Conquest

This new reel features extreme torque limiting level winds, low friction handle rotation and larger diameter spool in a compact but durable cranking workhorse reel at the price of $549.99.


Shimano Casitas

The new Casitas has 7.2 and 6.3:1 gear ratios at 6.7 ounces with 12 pounds of drag for $119.


Mitchell Mag ProR

This new reel from Mitchell features 10 bearings, carbon infused designs, Bail Halo for strength on the rotor arm, a cutaway design and carbon fiber drag for $89.95. 


Daiwa Exist Spinning ($699)

This is the flagship spinning reel in the Daiwa line. It features its new Magseal technology that keeps water out of key components that results in incredible smooth operation in the harshest conditions for the life of the reel. It has a Zaion body and rotor and 13 ball bearings including 2 Magseal ball bearings.


Daiwa Steez SV ($399)

The ultralight Steez line got a model with the SV spools that are lighter duralumin which results in a smoother, longer casting reel. It features a magnesium frame with Zaion side plates. It comes in 8.8:1 and 6.3:1 gear ratios with 13.2 pounds of UTD drag.


Daiwa Zillion HD ($349)

This reel features more durability and smoother operation thanks to Magseal technology, more drag at 15.4 pounds of drag, a 100mm swept handle for more power and 10 bearings.


Lew’s Team Lew’s Pro ($279)

The new Team Lew’s Pro features a light 5.3-ounce footprint with a magnesium frame, 11 premium bearings, 6-pin, 27-position Speel Cast Adjustable brakes, an 85mm carbon fiber handle, and C45 carbon sideplates. But the coolest new features line indictator tension knobs where you can set what line you have on that reel so you know without having to use stickers to keep up with what is on what reel. And a new lure hanger built into the reels.


Team Lew’s Spinning reels

Lew’s spinning reels underwent a complete redesign with awesome new reels on solid metal frames and arms for more structural stability for smoother operation with no binding and longer smoother casts with improved line management. 


Lew’s Tournament Pro

The Lew’s Tournament Pro got an overhaul with the new LFS system as well as the new features like line marking cap, lure tie, carbon fiber handles in a much lower profile reel than before. This a favorite among pros and guides alike. 

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