Yamamoto Slink-O Review

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One of the newest Yamamoto baits to hit the market is the Yamamoto Slink-O. This bait is designed to be fished much like a traditional senko, however it has a couple new features that really makes this bait stand out in a variety of different applications. This bait is super versatile and can be fished in a ton of different scenarios. While similar to a senko, there are a few key attributes that make this bait different from the traditional stick bait. 

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Yamamoto Slink-O


The Yamamoto Slink-O is designed similar to the original Senko, but with a heavily ribbed body. This ribbed body allows the bait to trap air as it hits the water, this leaves a trail of bubbles behind as it sinks to the bottom. These ribs also cause the bait to shimmy as it moves along the bottom. This creates a unique look and action not achievable with a traditional senko. 

This bait is made out of a super soft material which allows it to look more lifelike as it comes through the water. This bait is slightly less durable than some worms on the market, however it makes up for it with its increased action and price point. 

The Yamamoto Slink-O is also made of Yamamoto’s Mega Floater Formula, which allows this bait to float up off the bottom. This allows the bait to stand straight up when fished on a shaky head, or glide up of the bottom when fished weightless or on a Carolina-rig. This bait measures 5 1/2-inches in length and comes in a variety of different colors.

Slink-O Rigged


There are a number of different ways to fish the Yamamoto Slink-O, however some of my favorites include a shaky head and C-rig. I’ve had a lot of success fishing this bait in popular areas where the fish have received a lot of fishing pressure. 

One of my favorite times to employ this bait is whenever fish shy away from moving baits. Once I’ve fished an area heavily with moving baits such as a crankbait or vibrating jig, I like to slow down and cover the same water with a more subtle bottom bait. This is when I like to pick up the  Yamamoto Slink-O. I am usually able to pick up at least one or two more fish by dragging around the Slink-O in areas where fish are present but won’t commit to a fast-moving bait.

I like to rig this bait on a 1/2-ounce Carolina rigged weight, connected to a 15-pound leader with a 4/0 Hyabusa round-bend worm hook. This rig allows the bait to glide and float slightly off the bottom giving the fish a very unique presentation. I also like to use a monofilament leader when fishing this bait because it helps the bait float up off the bottom freely. Dragging this bait around brush piles, shell beds or points can be a great way to catch some quality bass in the summer. 

Another way I like to rig this bait is on a shaky head. This style of rigging allows the bait to stand straight up when being fishing along the bottom. The ribs on the worms body allow to tip to wiggle when being crawled along the bottom. This produces more action than a traditional straight-tail worm. 

The Yamamoto Slink-O is a great bait for giving fish a slightly different presentation than they’re used to seeing. This bait catches both quality and quantity and is a great way to get a bunch of fish in the boat. If you are looking for a new and unique worm to add to your line-up, the Yamamoto Slink-O is a great new option. 

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