Yamamoto Ichi Worm Review

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One of the newest Yamamoto baits to hit the market is the Yamamoto Ichi Worm. I’ve had the opportunity to test out this soft plastic lure over the last several months, and it did not disappoint. This worm is shaped much like a traditional ribbon tail worm, however it has a few key features that set it apart.


To start, this worm is made out of Yamamoto’s Mega Floater Formula. This causes the tail of the bait to stand up while being fished in a multitude of different applications. This worm also has a heavily ribbed body much like the Yamamoto Slink-O. This causes the bait to leave a trail of bubbles as it falls to the bottom as well as displace a ton of water. This lure has a very pronounced ribbon tail and a thick and long 10-inch body. This gives the worm plenty of action when pulled through the water. This bait is also extremely versatile and can be rigged in numerous different ways.


There is a multitude of different ways to rig this worm, however two of my favorites are on a Texas rig and a Carolina rig. During recent trips, I’ve rigged the Yamamoto Ichi Worm on a Texas rig with a 5/0 hook and a 3/8-ounce weight. I’ve been throwing this rig in isolated cover on offshore structure. This is a great way to rig this worm when fishing around lots of heavy cover. This on a Texas rig comes through wood and rocks with ease, allowing you to confidently probe cover.

Another way I like to rig the Yamamoto Ichi Worm is on a Carolina rig. I really like rigging this worm on a Carolina rig when I am fishing offshore hard spots such as ledges or shell beds. This rig allows the Ichi Worm to glide freely through the water column giving it an extremely natural look. The Mega Floater Formula also allows this worm to float up off the bottom, giving fish a unique look. This worm is capable of being rigged many different ways, and can catch fish 365 days out of the year.


Recently I have been throwing the Yamamoto Ichi Worm offshore for both isolated and groups of largemouth bass. Here in Alabama the fishing tends to slow down during the summer to fall transition, however this is still a great time to catch some really big fish. This is the time of year I really like to implement a big worm, and I have liked fishing this way with the Yamamoto Ichi Worm. 

I have been throwing this worm on isolated bush piles as well as schools of bass that aren’t willing to chase down a fast moving bait. The larger profile of this worm often coaxes some of the biggest bass in the area into biting. It seems to get slightly bigger bites than other thinner profile worms which is one of the reasons I’m such a big fan, now. Both brush piles and offshore shell beds have been some of my most productive locations throwing this worm throughout the late summer.


When throwing a larger sized worm such as the Yamamoto Ichi Worm, it is important to have the right setup. This will lead to a higher hookup percentage and save you from some serious heartbreak. When fishing this bait offshore around cover, I like to use a long heavy rod with a high gear ratio reel. A great option for an offshore worm rod is the JB3 Sea Pony. This is a 7-foot, 7-inch rod that gives you plenty of leverage and power over fish, while still maintaining enough bend to deliver an adequate hook set.

For a reel, I like one with a big spool and a high gear ratio. This larger spool allows you to make long casts with heavy duty line, which is crucial when throwing a worm offshore. I like a high gear ratio reel because it allows you to quickly winch fish out of cover before they have a chance to tangle up in tree branches or whatever other cover is present. My go to reel for this application is a Shimano Chronarch 150 MGL with a 7:1 gear ratio. 

The Yamamoto Ichi Worm is a great bait to get big bites during the late summer and fall transition, and is something I’ve really enjoyed throwing around the house. If you are looking for a ribbon tail worm the stands out from the crowd, the Yamamoto Ichi Worm is one you should not overlook. 

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