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Strike King Bull Worm Review

Here in the south, summertime is synonymous for throwing big baits offshore. Some of the most common baits thrown this time of year are a giant crankbait, swimbait or a big hair jig. However, a big worm is not as exciting due to its slower nature, but dragging a big worm offshore is a great way to catch some giant fish this summer when the bite starts to slow down.

One of my absolute favorite worms to throw this time of year when I’m looking for a big bite is the Strike King Bull Worm. This worm was designed by the most famous angler of all time Kevin VanDam with the purpose of targeting bit bass on offshore structure such as ledges or brush piles. This bait’s bulky profile mixed with a great color selection is a sure fire way to get some quality bites this summer.


This worm is built much like an oversized finesse worm. This bait is 10-inches in length and has a very bulky profile. Strike King’s Perfect Plastic pouring process allows this worm to be extremely soft and full of salt. This bait also comes equipped with an enlarged bubble tail allowing the worm to shimmy as it moves along the bottom. This feature, along with the super soft plastic used to make this bait, gives it a very lifelike action when crawled or hopped along the bottom. This softer plastic also allows the hook to penetrate through the worm easier, leading to a much greater hook-up ratio.

Bull Worm on a C-rig


A big worm such as the Strike King Bull Worm is liable to get some giant bites any time of year, however my absolute favorite time to throw this bait is during the summer months. During the early summer when bass first get school up, the fishing is usually at its best. However, increased fishing pressure can quickly educate these fish, causing the bite to get much tougher. This is when I like to slow down and drag a big worm.

Some of my favorite things to target with this worm are schools and offshore brush piles. It is important to make a long cast over the school or brush pile, and then slowly crawl the worm back to you allowing it to pause for extended periods of time. This pause is typically when the fish like to bite.

One of the best days I’ve ever had fishing this bait came in late June early July once the schools really started to feel the fishing pressure. I was fishing three schools which each held around 50 fish. These fish would scatter from a big crankbait or swimbait, which told me they weren’t in the mood to commit to a moving bait. I then tied on a 1/2-ounce Carolina rig with a Red Bug Bull Worm as the bait. I began to make long casts into the school and let my bait sit. I would move my bait a few feet every minute allowing the bait to soak in front of the fish’s face.

After about 15 minutes of doing this I got my first bite and it was a 4-pound largemouth. I then continued this pattern for the next couple hours, rotating schools after they stopped biting. This strategy ended up producing numerous 3-plus-pound bites and one fish that was pushing the 6-pound mark.

Bull Worm on a Wobble Head


When fishing a big bait such as a Strike King Bull Worm, it is important to have the right setup in order to land the big bites this bait often produces. One of the most important tools for effectively fishing this bait is choosing the right rod. I prefer a longer rod with a lot of backbone. This gives you the power to bury the hook in a fish on the longer casts you typically make with this bait. A longer rod allows for an increased casting distance, as well as added leverage when winching fish to the boat. The heavier action rod also helps with hook penetration as well as makes up for any stretch In your line during hook sets. My go to rod for this bait is a 7-foot 8inch heavy action Shimano Expride B.

For a reel I like one with a bigger spool and a high gear ratio. I like a big spool in order to make longer casts with high test line. I also like a high gear ratio in order to quickly reel the slack out of my line after I feel a bite. This allows me too quickly winch the fish to the boat before it has the chance to jump. My go to reel for this bait is a Shimano Curado 200K in the 8:1 gear ratio.

When rigging this bait I like to use a magnum wobble head in either a 1/2-ounce or 3/4-ounce size. Another great method for throwing this bait is a Carolina rig on a 3/4 or 1/2-ounce weight. This allows the bait to glide along the bottom which gives it a very natural look. I tend to throw this bait on 15-pound fluorocarbon. This allows you to have plenty of power fighting the fish, while still maintaining a fairly thin diameter line.

Throwing a Stike King Bull Worm can be a great way to get some big bites this summer when the fishing gets tough.This slower style off fishing may seem boring at first, however it can quickly turn into some adrenaline filled catches on your favorite body of water. These tips will help you locate and catch more fish on a Strike King Bull Worm this summer.

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