Strike King 3x ElazTech Baby Z Too Review

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Jig and minnow style baits have been all the craze since the release of forward facing sonar. Whether it be damiki rigging, hover strolling or a variety of other techniques, this method is a proven fish catcher all over the country. This style of fishing involves casting at suspended fish using a finesse style jig head and soft plastic minnow. One of the most popular soft plastics for this style of fishing is the Strike King Baby Z Too. This bait has quickly gained popularity in the bass fishing community thanks to a wealth of features that help this bait excel in this style of fishing. 



The Strike King Baby Z Too Soft Jerkbait features a soft, yet extremely durable ElazTech material perfect for damiki rigging. This material allows you to catch numerous fish on one soft plastic without ever adjusting its position. This is perfect for targeting schools of bass that would otherwise destroy your favorite soft plastic. Designed with a natural forked tail, the Strike King Baby Z Too delivers a natural presentation that is sure to trick any bass it comes in contact with. This bait is 3.5 inches in length and comes in a variety of different colors. 


This fluke style bait is perfect for a wide variety of applications, however my personal favorite is a damiki rig. This baits durable construction and lifelike presentation make it the perfect option for the majority of jig and minnow applications. This bait pairs perfectly with a variety of jig heads and is great for targeting suspended fish at any depth range. I typically use anything from a 1/4 to a 1/2-ounce jig head depending on the depth range I’m targeting. While this soft plastic is equipped to catch any species of bass, I’ve found the most success targeting spotted bass.


I’ve been using the Strike King Baby Z Too for the last several months targeting suspended fish on a variety of fisheries. Living in Auburn, Alabama I have a wealth of spotted bass fisheries at my disposal. One of my favorite locations to fish this bait is anywhere on the Coosa River. Throughout the fall, winter and early spring spotted bass suspend in search of balls of bait. These baitfish are typically small in size closely resembling the Baby Z Too.

Using forward facing sonar to target these fish with jig head and Baby Z Too is an extremely productive way to catch spotted bass this time of year. One of my most memorable trips using the Baby Z Too took place this December on Lake Mitchell. The water temperature was in the mid 50’s and the majority of spotted bass were suspended on bait. I used mega side imaging to quickly locate balls of bait, then switched over to forward facing sonar to target individual bass feeding on bait. 

I was using the Strike King Baby Z Too paired with a 3/8-ounce Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head to target these fish. Once you located a bait ball on live sonar, there would be anywhere from 3-10 spotted bass sharking around them. I would throw the Baby Z Too past the fish and slowly retrieve it over their head. This lead to me catching upwards of 30 spotted bass that day, with multiple pushing the 3-pound mark. The ElazTech material was perfect for keeping my bait in place, insuring the perfect action cast after cast.

The Strike King Baby Z-Too is a great option for any jig and minnow technique you desire. Whether your bottom, mid or hover strolling, the Baby Z Too will insure you have a lifelike presentation even after catching a few fish. If your looking for a soft jerkbait with a natural presentation and durable material, look no further than the Strike King ElazTech Baby Z Too.