Queen Tackle Live Sonar Tungsten Jig Head Review

Forward facing sonar is undeniably the biggest trend in bass fishing. This craze has caused bait manufactures to produce lures that are designed to be used in conjunction with this new technology. The Queen Tackle Live Sonar Tungsten Jig Head is designed to produce a large return on forward facing sonar as well as deliver consistent hook-up ratio fish after fish. Queen Tackle achieves these fish catching attributes by employing a few key features. 



Live Sonar Head


The Queen Tackle Live Sonar Jig Head delivers a stealthy profile and consistent hook-up ratio thanks to its high quality components. This jig features a tungsten head which allows for a smaller profile compared to other lead heads. This bait also features a sharp light wire hook, great for delivering consistent hook penetration when using lighter tackle.

The Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head comes in a wide variety of weights that feature different hooks options to perfectly match your desired soft plastic. This customization allows you to pair a heavy weighted jighead and a smaller sized bait without compromising your preferred hook size.

Flat Nose Minnow


Although pricier then lead, this material has a wealth of benefits that can help you catch more fish. To start, tungsten is much denser than lead. This allows for a 40% size decrease compared to a lead head of the same weight. The increased density of tungsten also leads to heightened sensitivity. This allows you to feel the slightest changes in bottom composition when dragging this bait along the bottom. 

Last but certainly not least, tungsten creates a much larger return on forward facing sonar, resulting in an easier to see lure. The density of this bait creates a hard ping on live sonar, turning what would typically be a small dot on the screen into a bright, hard to miss ball. This is likely my favorite feature on the Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head. 


Over the last several months I’ve been testing out a variety of different jig heads looking for the best Damiki rig jig heads available. The Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head is great for a variety of different finesse baits. However, I’ve found this lure truly shines when targeting suspended fish in clear water fisheries. The reason this bait is so effective in this scenario is because of its smaller profile, light wire hook and increased sonar return. 

The dense tungsten material allows for a smaller head compared to an equally weighted lead head. This delivers a more realistic profile which is imperative in clear water. Tungsten also leads to a much larger sonar return. This is crucial for targeting fish at long distances using forward facing sonar. In clear water fisheries, fish will often spook at the sight of the boat. Making long casts to these fish is essential for getting them to bite. This larger sonar return allows you to see your bait when targeting bass at greater distances.

Lastly, the Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head’s light wire hook makes it a great choice for open water fishing. Using light line is an important component in Damiki rig fishing. Not only does this give your bait more action, but it’s far less visible to fish. A light wire hook allows you to get good hook penetration without tightening down your drag and compromising your line. This is an essential component for any jig head and is often the most important factor for deciding when to throw what head.


One of the best ways to ensure a consistent hookup ratio is by choosing the proper rod, reel and line combination. When using the Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head I prefer a medium action spinning rod with a 3000 sized reel. This medium action provides enough give to load up during a hookset, while also having enough backbone to bury the hook. Anything from a 6-foot, 10-inch to a 7-foot, 2-inch spinning rod will work great for this application. One of my go to spinning rods for the Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head is the 7-foot medium action Abu Garcia Zenon Spinning rod. 

For a reel, I prefer a 3000 sized reel with 12-pound high vis braid connected to a 10-pound fluorocarbon leader. This larger reel allows for faster line retrieval and more control over your lure. The larger sized handles can also be ideal for targeting fast moving fish, allowing you to quickly gain control over your reel after your initial cast. One of my go to spinning reels for the Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head is the Shimano Sustain 3000.

The Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head is a popular jig head that is sure to produce some quality fish when used in conjunction with todays technology. Forward facing sonar allows us to target suspended fish that otherwise would never see a lure. If you’re looking for an advantage when targeting these fish, the Queen Tackle L.S. Tungsten Jig Head is sure to give you just that. 



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