Island Optics Sunglasses Review

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I’ve used the same name brand sunglasses for the last several years. I became a big fan of these glasses, and never saw myself switching to another brand. However after either losing, breaking or scratching several pairs of $300+ sunglasses, I was having a hard time justifying the price tag. After a few days of struggling on the water with no sunglasses, I received my first pair of Island Optics Sunglasses. These have the look and feel of premium sunglasses without the high price tag. I instantly fell in love, and they’ve quickly become the only pair I wear. 

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Island Optics was founded by three brothers, Adam, Matt, and Josh, based on five generations of optical excellence. With a shared passion for the sea and commitment to quality, they established Island Optics. Their goal in creating this brand is to provide top-notch polarized sunglasses to anglers and outdoor lovers at accessible prices, all while supporting local communities to enhance water quality and preserve wildlife habitats. With a history rooted in optical advancements, Island Optics is a great choice for anyone who spends their life on the water.


I’m a die hard bass fisherman at heart, so naturally I went with the Angler frames as my first pair of Island Optics Sunglasses. I love these frames because they block out all the surrounding light, giving you a clear image of what lies beneath the water. Not only do these frames block out light trying to sneak in from the sides, but the lenses are extremely clear and do a great job cutting through glare. I’ve worn these frames for almost two months now, and there’s hardly ever a time I’m not wearing them on the water.

I recently got a second pair of sunglasses for all the times I’m not out fishing. I wanted a pair that were good looking, durable and had high-quality polarized lenses. I ultimately went with the Crane frames as they checked all the boxes for me. They have all the same premium components found in the Angler frames, but I think they’re a little better suited for a day on the town than the tight-fitting Anglers. They are great for everyday use but can be at home on the water thanks to the polarized lens, and they don’t cost you an arm and a leg.


I’ve worn my Island Optics Sunglasses for around two months now. While that may not sound like a ton of time, I wear them all day every day. My job requires that I spend lots of time on the water, so I really put my equipment to use. One of my favorite features about the Island Optics Sunglasses is that they don’t get loose like other brands I’ve worn in the past. When you first get a pair of sunglasses, all the joints are tight and they fit firmly to your face. But after a few weeks of use they loosen up, causing them to slide off your nose or hat. I’ve put my Island Optics Sunglasses through the wringer, and they’re still just as tight as when I got them.

Another one of my favorite features are the lenses, which are both clear and extremely durable. I’m prone to dropping my sunglasses, which typically results in a scratched or cracked lens. I have yet to scratch my Island Optics Sunglasses, and I’ve dropped them more times than I’d care to admit. Furthermore, these lenses are extremely clear. They have a pink tinge that really makes colors pop, all while blocking glare and bright light. Fishing is my life, so I’m not willing to compromise on my polarized lenses. I can safely say these lenses are just as good if not better than any pair of sunglasses I’ve been fortunate enough to try.


While I’m still on the younger side of things, my vision is not. Once I turned 20, I noticed a series of downfalls in my eyesight which resulted in the need for prescription glasses. I’ve ordered prescription sunglasses from a few different companies, and every time it’s been very pricey and taken upwards of 6 weeks. Island Optics has solved this issue by offering quality prescription sunglasses at a reasonable price with a fast turnaround. It takes around 2-3 weeks to receive your Island Optics Prescription glasses after ordering, and the process is super simple.

The first step in ordering your glasses is to get your prescription from your eye doctor. Next you need your pupillary distance, we recommend using the Eye Measure app. This is a super quick and easy way to find your pupillary distance without having to go back to your eye doctor. Next, pick out your favorite frames and send your information over to Island Optics. In a few weeks you’ll have a brand new pair of prescription sunglasses sitting at your doorstep.

I spend hundreds of days on the water each year, so having a quality pair of polarized sunglasses is extremely important to me. But, I don’t want to pay $200+ dollars every time I lose or break them. Island Optics Sunglasses has solved this issue for me with their quality eyewear at an affordable price tag. If your hard on your equipment like me, I seriously recommend giving Island Optics Sunglasses a try.

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