Berkley Finisher Review

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If you’ve been paying attention to competitive bass fishing, you’ve noticed that forward facing sonar has been a hot topic of discussion. This technology has changed the way anglers fish, allowing them to catch fish on a more consistent basis. While our technology has changed over the last several years, our baits have largely stayed the same. Recently, though, Berkley released a whole lineup of FFS optimized baits. These lures are designed specifically to be used with forward facing sonar. One of my personal favorite baits from this lineup is the new Berkley Finisher.

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The Berkley Finisher features a streamline build paired with two Berkley Fusion 19 treble hooks. The weight-forward design allows for accurate casts in windy conditions, while the quick fall rate allows you to target moving fish at various depth ranges. Snapping this bait at various speeds leads to both medium and longer glides, while employing long strokes leads to a fluid gliding action. This bait comes in a variety of different weights, sizes and colors allowing you to successfully target suspended fish in any condition.

While this bait is extremely versatile, it truly shines in clear water conditions. The arc-shaped body and flattened underside, allows for a unique rolling action that bass aren’t used to seeing. The perpendicular line-tie ensures a secure connection and realistic action on both the fall and the retrieve. This bait allows you to achieve a variety of different actions based on how bass react to your lure. I’ve used the Berkley finisher on a variety of different fisheries, however one of my favorites to employ this bait is on the Coosa River.


Living in Auburn, Alabama I have access to a variety of diverse fisheries. River systems such as the Coosa River is home to an abundance of trophy sized spotted bass. Throughout the fall, winter and early spring, these fish will suspend in the water column in search of bait. These fish will travel both in groups and by themselves, creating the perfect opportunity to target them with the Berkley Finisher. Some of my favorite locations to target bass using the Finisher is around drains, offshore humps and bait balls. One of my most memorable days using the Finisher took place on the Coosa River about two weeks ago.

I was targeting bass feeding on bait balls in the middle of the river channel. These fish were sitting anywhere between 30 and 10 feet of water traveling in large groups. I would use forward facing sonar to locate these bass, and then cast the Finisher in the direction they were traveling. I’d let the bait fall until the fish noticed it, then I’d employ a series of erratic jerks speeding them up as the fish got closer. I ended up catching upwards of 30 spotted bass that day, with my best fish being somewhere in the 3-pound range. Catching fish on the Berkley Finisher is an action packed way to target suspended fish on forward facing sonar. I didn’t lose any fish that day, and I largely credit that to the Fusion 19 Treble hooks as well as my rod reel and line setup.


I prefer to throw the Berkley Finisher on a spinning setup with 10-pound Berkley X5 braided line attached to a 10-pound Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon leader. In this specific instance I was throwing the Finisher 7 which weighs right at a 1/2-ounce. Because of this I was using a 7-foot medium action Abu Garcia Zenon Spinning Rod. This rod has enough backbone to cast slightly heavier baits, and a soft enough tip to play fish on light treble hooks. This is one of my go-to rods for the majority of small treble hook baits.

For a reel, I prefer a 3000 size with a fast retrieve. The larger spool allows for greater line capacity and more control over your bait. The larger spool also allows for a faster retrieve which is important when picking up line in between jerks. One of my favorite reels to use with the Berkley Finisher is the Shimano Stradic FL in the 3000 size. The Berkley Finisher is a super unique bait that’s perfect for targeting suspended fish on a variety of different fisheries. If you’re looking for a bait that’s designed to catch fish using forward facing sonar, look no further than the Berkley Finisher. 

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