6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head Review

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One of my favorite new additions to my tackle box this summer is the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head. This is a unique bait allows you to turn any tradition swimbait into a line through. This bait is used in similar scenarios when you would throw a traditional top hook swimbait, however it has numerous attributes that help with hookup ratio, action and the overall durability of your bait. 


The 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head comes in sizes between 1/8-ounce and 1-ounce, as well as three different color options. This bait is designed with a screw lock and a hollow tunnel starting at the nose of the bait, and exiting at the upper back end of the head. This allows you to run your line through the head of the bait and tie it directly to a treble hook. You then bury the treble hook into the top of your desired swimbait and you are ready to go.

One modification I like to add to this bait is putting a bobber stopper between your knot and the swimbait head. This keeps your knot from rubbing against the lead head, ultimately keeping you from breaking your line due to abrasion from the swimbait head. When throwing a small swimbait, it is common to use line sizes less than 10-pound. This is when I really like to use this bobber stop in order to ensure I can still land larger sized fish on light line.


When fishing traditional larger sized top hook swimbaits such as a 3/4 or 1-ounce head, it gives the fish a much better chance of spitting the hook. Having the weight fixed directly to the hook allows the fish to use the weights momentum to its advantage. When a fish shakes its head it throws the weight back and forth, often causing the hook to come free. This is where a free sliding head is so important.

My absolute favorite thing about the the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head is the hookup ratio. The design of this bait allows it slide up the line once you’ve hooked into a bass. This takes away the fish’s leverage when trying to spit the bait, making it much harder for them to come off the hook. Using this style head can be a huge advantage when you are having trouble keeping fish pinned on a traditional top hook swimbait.


Another thing I’ve really been impressed with is how durable your swimbait is when using the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head. Typically, a swimbait is good for about 3 to 4 fish before it is mangled beyond recognition. This is often due to the shaft of the hook running through the bait, as well as the fish thrashing around causing the bait to rip. However, this is not the case with the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head.

Recently I have been throwing the Rapala Crush City Mayor Swimabait on a 3/8 ounce 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head. Using this setup I have been amazed by how many fish you can catch on a single bait. Ive caught upwards of 20 fish without ever having to change out my swimbait. This is due to the bait sliding up away from the hook once a fish bites. This keeps the fish from thrashing around and destroying your bait. So far the only time I’ve had to replace a swimbait while using this rig is when a fish bites the tail off due to a short strike.


The 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head not only helps with hookup ratio and swimbait durability, but it can also increase the action of your swimbait. On a traditional top hook swimbait, the shaft of the hook runs through the body of the swimbait. This can impede the baits action, often decreasing the amount of head shake the lure has. 

The 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head eliminates this issue by using this unique swimbait head. This line through style of rigging allows the bait to move freely without being impeded by the hook. This is a great way to increase the head shake or overall action of your bait.

The 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head is a great all around swimbait head for catchig fish on a variety of different sized swimbaits. If you are having trouble with hookup ratio, durability or the overall action of your swimbait you should give the 6th Sense Line Through Swimbait Treble Head a try. 

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