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Yo-Zuri T7 Premium Fluorocarbon Line Giveaway Winners

You can always tell when something is good in fishing when you hear great things about it from other anglers. Sponsored anglers willingly talk about the products they use but when you hear other diehards mentioning it, you know it must be rock solid. We are hearing those comments loud and clear with Yo-Zuri’s T7 Fluorocarbon line.

T7 Premium Fluorocarbon is a super-strong bass fishing line in Yo-Zuri’s worldwide product lineup. T7 Premium is created from carefully selected materials to achieve the best balance among tensile strength, shock strength and abrasion strength. For bass fishing line, the key quality attributes are fatigue resistance for repetitive castings, shock strength while fighting fish and shock abrasion strength for fishing around cover.

To achieve the ideal balance of these three types of strength, T7 Premium is made from high-quality and carefully selected materials and produced using the manufacturing method which maximizes the attributes of these materials. This exclusive manufacturing process gives T7 Premium a perfect molecular balance that results in unmatched strength. In addition, T7 is put through a heating process that gives T-7 Premium natural translucency, as well as suppleness for better casting distance and control. Simply put, T7 is the best balance of strength, abrasion resistance and ease of use that you will find on the market!

For this giveaway, we will be giving 5 winners 3 spools of T7 in 12-, 14- and 20-pound test for them to try out themselves. 

Congratulations to the winners, your line is on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2fish guys.

Jack Quinn – San Antonio, Texas

Terry Pennington – Chipley, Fla.

Leon Holschuh – Swoyersville, Penn.

Robert Bohlmann – Milwaukee, Wis.

Holden McClenney – Windsor, N.C.