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Jenko Fishing TB5 Crankbait Giveaway Winners

Professional angler Terry Bolton knows a thing or two about bass fishing crankbaits. He cut his teeth on them fishing Kentucky Lake and because of that expertise, he was always looking for an edge. He has his favorites but knew there was a niche missing and worked with the team at Jenko Fishing for the last few years to fill that category with the new Jenko TB5 Crankbait.

He wanted a crankbait that could be fished in 5 to 7 feet of water but also with deflection properties that allow it to be fished around cover; it also had to have a wide wobble with have super-sticky treble hooks. He tweaked, customized it and now feels comfortable that he has it dialed in with his new Jenko TB5 crankbait. No kidding, he was as anxious as we were to see and use the final product. After months of diligence and persistence to make it perfect, it is now available.

Congratulations to the winners, your crankbaits are on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2fish guys.

Lance Beasley – Papillon, Neb.

John Schweickert – Toledo, Ohio

Larry McKinnon – Grundy Center, Iowa

Timothy Carson – Locust Grove, Va.

Doug Wauneka – Phoenix, Ariz.