Eagle Claw Trokar Hook Spectacular Giveaway Winners

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Gearing up for whatever the fish throw at you means having a great selection of the best hooks. One day it might be heavy cover flipping, the next day finesse and drop shots and maybe the next challenge means a jig, a big worm or a swimbait and Eagle Claw Trokar has you covered with a killer assortment of hooks for 5 winners.

This is a selection unmatched and will have you set up for this season all coming from a leader in hook manufacturing.

This giveaway includes:

TK97 Wacky Rig Hook

TK100 HD Worm Hook

TK105 Pro-V Worm Hook

TK110 EWG Worm Hook

TK120 Mag Worm Hook

TK130 Flippin’

TK133 Pro-V Flippin’

TK137 Pro-V Finesse Hook

TK150 Drop Shot Hook

TK170 Keel Weighted Swimbait Hook

TKNJ Finesse Jig * Featuring Pro-V Bend

TKSWH Swinghead Jig

TKTJ Tube Jig

TKBG Boxer Jig

Congratulations to the winners, your gear is on the way! Thanks for entering and as always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2fish guys. 


Anuj Patel – Groton, Mass.

Dana Layer – Terre Haute, Ind.

Rich Lingor – Bradley, Calif.

Troy Henson – Bartlesville, Okla.

Paul Morgan – Warne, N.C.