Berkley Gilly Giveaway Winners

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The talk of ICAST this year was the Berkley PowerBait Gilly. It won Best of Show!!

The Japanese influence runs through the design with shape, color, and action mimicking one of the bass and big gamefish favorite meals. Shaped like a panfish it has a hollow head that allows for better hook-ups but more importantly gives the bait a proper balance for a superior posture when swimming. The Gilly is a versatile bait that can be rigged numerous ways and combined with the PowerBait flavor and HD Tru colors it’s a can’t miss for big fish.

Although harder to find than cricket in a quiet gymnasium we were able to secure some for our latest giveaway. Five winners will get the chance to experience this popular new bait if selected as winners.

Congratulations to the winners, your baits are on the way! Thanks for entering and a always, keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways from the Wired2fish guys

John Cerminara – McMurray, Penn.

Alan Jeffries – Wichita, Kan.

Stirling Wilson – Hixson, Tenn.

Deborah Held – Alliance, Ohio

Pete Gallagher – Asheville, N.C.