Yamaha Outboard Break-in | 150 hp V MAX SHO

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Join Wired2fish’s Nick Dumke as he takes us through a complete Yamaha outboard break-in on a new 150 hp Yamaha V-Max mounted on a Skeeter ZX150 boat. This video is the perfect guide for those looking to optimize the performance and lifespan of their Yamaha outboard motor.


In this in-depth tutorial, Dumke gives a step-by-step explanation of the simple break-in process necessary for new Yamaha outboard engines. From the first start-up to the following hours of operation, Dumke ensures you understand the crucial role of idling and RPM management in the break-in process.

Dumke kickstarts the process by letting the new motor idle for 5-10 minutes, allowing the parts to reach their operating temperature. In this initial phase, he emphasizes the importance of monitoring the RPMs, refraining from exceeding 2000 RPMs or going over half throttle during the first hour of operation.

Moving into the second hour, Dumke presents how to ‘put the boat on pad’ and ‘get the boat on plane,’ all while being mindful not to go full throttle. He also provides key insights into maintaining the boat at different speeds, showcasing how proper management can enhance the motor’s lifespan and performance.

Following this, Dumke dedicates the next eight hours to running the motor at any speed, not going full throttle for more than five minutes. After hitting the 10-hour mark, the motor can be run normally, symbolizing the successful completion of the Yamaha Outboard break-in process.

Following the owner’s manual instructions to the letter is critical when executing the break-in process, as Dumke consistently highlights throughout this video. As a significant investment, your Yamaha outboard engine deserves nothing less than meticulous care to deliver optimal performance over time.