Why Rigging Swimbaits on Swinging Jigs Excels

Swinging jigs are a top choice for anglers when fishing hard bottom areas. Not unlike a crankbait, they can be fished fast and are designed for making bottom contact while a free-swinging hook allows the chosen plastic trailer to move naturally. Unlike a crankbait, the jighead and single offset hook allow the bait to be fished effectively at multiple depth zones without retying and is much more snag resistant than dangling treble hooks.

Crawfish profile soft plastics are most commonly used, but Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine shares his reasons why a quality swimbait pairs excellently with a swinging jig. He breaks down where he fishes it, his preferred jig and swimbait combination, rigging, and rod/reel/line specs for the job. Like crankbait fishing, it’s important to observe casting angles relative to the structure so you can make repeated productive casts.


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