When to Fish the Rapala OG Slim 6 vs Tiny 4 Crankbait

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Ott DeFoe was a close collaborator in the design of Rapala’s popular OG Slim 6 and OG Tiny 4 flat-sided crankbaits. While both lures share similar components, build methods, and balsa DNA, there are notable differences. Ott discusses the attributes of each bait and how running depth, forage size, water temperature, and overall mood of the bass dictate which lure you grab.

DeFoe delivers a host of insightful bait selection guidance relevant to ALL shallow diving crankbait product lines. Crankbait size is critical, with larger baits likely to catch bigger bass on average. At the same time, smaller crankbaits often generate more bites and better landing percentages, especially in cold water or during and after cold fronts. 

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