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When to Consider a Lighter-Action Rod for Frog Fishing

Frog fishing for bass doesn’t always mean a heavy-action rod. While these stiffer rods are a necessity for fishing heavier cover such as matted vegetation, a lighter-action rod can pay big dividends when you’re targeting sparse cover in shallow water. Wired2fish staffer Walker Smith actually prefers a 7-foot, medium-heavy action rod for targeting isolated cover with hollow-bodied frogs. He feels as if the more responsive tip allows him to maximize his frog’s walk-the-dog action which results in more strikes in tough fishing conditions.

In addition, a lighter-action rod has a bit more forgiveness on the hookset. Because you’re using 60-pound braided line, it can be very easy to set the hook prematurely and pull the frog away from the bass. A medium-heavy action rod can help delay your hookset by just a split second, which is often all that’s needed to ensure a solid hookset and drastically increase your hookup ratio.