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Wacky Rig Mastery with Matt Becker | Senko Tips Revealed!

Major League Fishing pro Matt Becker delves deep into his go-to wacky rig setup, focusing on optimizing a five-inch Senko on a wacky rig to catch bass around docks. And believe him; this technique is gold regardless of which lake or part of the country you’re fishing in.

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Becker begins by unveiling his chosen equipment, featuring a 7-foot 2-inch spinning rod. It’s a medium-heavy rod that Becker swears by. Docks and other artificial cover can chew up your line, so Becker uses a 20-pound braided mainline. It delivers better abrasion resistance, particularly around dock posts. Like his braid, Becker uses a beefier leader. He starts with a 12-pound fluorocarbon leader, occasionally bumping it up to 15 pounds. His rationale: the heavier line facilitates a faster sink rate and provides better durability around dock posts and other abrasive cover.

Onto the business end – the hook. Becker’s pick is the TroKar TK 137, aptly named the Finesse Hook. The standout feature is its unique bend, which locks and holds fish once hooked. And the bait? The 5-inch Yamamoto Senko. This bait is stellar in its design, sinking quickly with a gentle undulating action even without angler input.

Becker also imparts wisdom on the art of fishing the wacky rig. Positioning, he says, is critical. Being upwind of the target helps you achieve greater casting accuracy, in part, through better boat positioning. The primary targets are the shaded regions beneath boat docks. It’s common for bites to go undetected while the stick worm sinks on slack, so you should watch the line’s movement. Use a bright-colored braid to see the line better and detect bites through line movement (line bites).

This video is both an education and a testament to the efficiency of the wacky rig technique using the legendary Senko. With a 2023 Bass Pro Tour Title and AOY win, it’s hard to argue with the guy!