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Use Big Bass Flutter Spoons for Pike & Musky

Oversized spoons like the Nichols Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon are proven big bass catching lures throughout the country, but the spoon category continues to be passed over by pike and musky fisherman. Here’s why you need to consider fishing spoons: 1) triggering ability – they catch loads of big educated bass on the most pressured fisheries in the world, so they clearly look real and trigger fish, 2) fish conditioning – pike and musky aren’t conditioned to them, especially when fished with a “rip and fall” retrieve, and 3) size and profile are a terrific size match to pike and musky forage like tullibee and suckers, and the erratic fluttering action on the fall closely matches the struggling movement of a wounded baitfish. Watch to get an overview of how to fish flutter spoons for toothy critters, and the right equipment for the job.