Ultimate Summer Carolina Rig Guide with Bob Downey

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In this comprehensive tutorial, Bob Downey dives deep into the art of bass fishing with the Carolina rig. Although he focuses on the late summer, his Carolina rig summation is relevant anytime bass relate to offshore hard spots such as rock and gravel.

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Downey explains the allure of the Carolina rig—a method that has held its popularity for decades. He emphasizes the importance of making long casts and fishing the presentation slowly and methodically across the bottom.


Using cutting-edge MEGA 360 Imaging, Downey effectively identifies and targets isolated boulders—the prime hangouts for bass. Furthermore, he explains the power of forward-facing sonar in identifying productive spots rich in forage. While undoubtedly effective for targeting individual fish, Downey relies on live sonar to locate forage-rich areas. He then has the confidence to comb the bottom with his Carolina rig, arguably the finest mop-up bass presentation.

But the Carolina rig’s beauty isn’t just in its efficiency; it’s in its subtlety. Downey details the challenge of detecting bites, how to set the hook, and the importance of the right gear. From the right rod length, optimal reel speeds, and preferred hook— every detail is covered, making this guide invaluable for novices and seasoned anglers.



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