Ultimate Speed Worm Setup for More Bass

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Professional bass angler Jeremy Lawyer takes to the grass-filled shallows with a versatile speed worm setup. In this comprehensive video, Jeremy teaches you the essentials of rigging a speed worm for maximum weedless performance, natural action, and retrieval techniques that make this method versatile and effective in various water conditions nationwide.

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Jeremy demonstrates how to rig the speed worm for a streamlined presentation, allowing it to glide through grass and vegetation with ease. By minimizing snags and maximizing bites, you’ll be able to catch more fish in no time. He shares various retrieval methods, adapting your approach based on water conditions, weather, and bass behavior. These valuable tips will help you increase your chances of catching bass in different situations.


The speed worm is a versatile go-to bait for bass tournaments, attracting limit fillers and 10-pounders alike. Jeremy reveals the advantages of this power fishing technique, such as covering more water, eliciting reaction bites, and reducing the need for multiple rods on your deck. By mastering this method, you’ll increase your chances of success in competitive fishing environments.


Rig the speed worm for a streamlined presentation to minimize snags and maximize bites. Adapt your retrieval approach based on water conditions, weather, and bass behavior to increase your catch rates. The speed worm is a versatile bait for bass tournaments, attracting a range of fish sizes and helping you secure a competitive edge. This power fishing technique allows you to cover more water and elicit reaction bites, leading to more successful fishing trips. Elevate your bass fishing skills with this comprehensive guide to the ultimate speed worm setup, brought to you by pro angler Jeremy Lawyer. By applying these tips and techniques, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more proficient and successful bass angler. So grab your gear, hit the water, and put these expert strategies to the test!

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