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Target Walleye AND Bass With Paddle Tail Swimbaits

Renowned Mille Lacs Lake guide and professional angler Tony Roach discusses how he fishes soft body swimbaits for walleye. A more aggressive jigging action typically outproduces the standard straight reel approach, with Tony digging into the details.

Tony emphasizes the importance of rigging the bait perfectly straight on a jig, and what characteristics make a jig a good one to pair with a swimbait. He tops off the content with a true Mille Lacs giant smallmouth, showcasing the multispecies effectiveness of a jig and soft body swimbait for all predator fish.


Northland Impulse Paddle Minnows
Northland Current Cutter Jig
St. Croix Legend X Spinning Rod, 6’10”
Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reel
Sufix 832 Braided Line, 8-pound
Sufix Invisiline Fluorocarbon Leader, 8-pound