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Spring Jerkbait Fishing Walleyes | Advanced Tactics

Join Wired2fish contributor Scott Walsh as he dives into springtime walleye fishing using jerkbaits. Throughout the year, especially post-spawn, a large population of walleye set up in the shallows to feed on baitfish. Walsh demonstrates how the combination between modern electronics and jerkbaits effectively put walleye in the boat.

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Exploring the benefits of advanced fishing technology, Walsh incorporates tools like high definition mapping, MEGA 360 Imaging, and forward-facing sonar to pinpoint the ideal fishing spots and individual fish without wasting time. He shares insights into how these technologies not only assist in locating fish but also in making informed decisions about bait changes based on the fish’s behavior towards the lure.


Walsh highlights the unique response of walleye to jerkbaits compared to smallmouth, noting their aggressive strikes that provide a thrilling experience. He emphasizes the importance of using a jerkbait with a larger profile and three hooks to maximize the chances of securing these fish. Additionally, Walsh discusses how a slight breeze can enhance the jerkbait’s effectiveness by mimicking the natural movement of prey, making it irresistible to walleye. Checkout our Jerkbait Tips playlist for more in-depth content on a wide range of jerkbait fishing topics.