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Speed Fishing Deep-Diving Crankbaits for Summer Bass

Wired2fish connected with Keith Combs on his home water of Sam Rayburn, Texas, for a lesson on finding offshore bass and catching them on deep-diving crankbaits. This video provides a step-by-step guide to using modern fish finder technologies to locate productive summer spots and power fishing crankbaits with speed to trigger lethargic bass.

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Combs highlights the critical role that cutting-edge electronics play in his angling strategy. His reliance on fish finders allows him to find overlooked bass schools in deeper waters despite increased angling pressure. He uses side imaging and mapping to find offshore bass schools. From there, 360 Imaging and forward-facing sonar (MEGA Live Imaging) provide real-time information on the bow to make accurate casts to key cover like timber and bass.

Also integral to his deep crankbait fishing strategy is mapping technology. Combs uses cartography to understand the depth and topography of the water body, pinpointing prime fishing locations. He focuses on cleaner areas in early summer, where bass aren’t necessarily cover-oriented but schooling and hunting in open water.

Peak annual water temperatures can make catching summer bass difficult in the south. Combs uses three factors to trigger reaction strikes: sound, speed, and color. He employs a fast-paced approach to deep crankbait fishing using an aggressive Strike King 6XD. Burning it in these areas is an overlooked method to triggering bass unwilling to eat finesse techniques. Additionally, he can cover much more water.

Combs details his preferred rod, reel, and line setup for this specialized technique. A long fiberglass rod, fast reel, and beefy 15-pound fluorocarbon are optimal for making long-distance bomb casts and handle the speed and heft of deep-diving crankbaits.