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Savage Gear Prop Walker Video Review and How to Fish

Pro bass angler Brandon Coulter overviews the Savage Gear Prop Walker and how to use it as a pencil popper (walking bait) or prop bait, giving you the best of both worlds without having to retire.


Coulter tackles a diverse stretch of shoreline with a mix of targets and grass flats. The sputtering walk-the-dog action of the pencil popper configuration works well when target casting or covering water. At the same time, a quick extension of the wings converts it into a prop bait that excels on a straight retrieve, similar to a buzzbait or prop bait.

So when to use what? If covering water in search of fish is the goal, use it with the wings out. The pencil popper configuration works both as a search bait and target lure. Bass sometimes prefer one action over the other — on-the-fly experimentation will give you the answer.

Lastly, Coulter discusses his rod preference based on line choice. If using braid, consider using a more moderate action rod to account for the no-stretch line. Doing so helps keep treble hooked fish buttoned. Conversely, a fast-action rod may be better for driving hooks home when using monofilament.