How to Tune Crankbaits to Run Deeper with Less Snagging

Crankbaits perform best when they come back to you in a straight line. Cliff Pace discusses why your crankbaits need to be tuned and how to tune a bait with a simple twist of the bait eye.


So why does it matter? As Pace discusses, a straight running bait reaches its maximum running depth and deflects off cover with less snagging. Simply grab a needle-nosed plier and make a subtle bend of the line tie the opposite direction the bait is running. If it’s veering to the left, bend the eye slightly to the right. It’s easy to overcompensate, so a small bend usually corrects the issue.

While most crankbaits and plugs come tuned, the simple act of fishing them, fighting fish, and just regular wear and tear knocks them out of whack from time to time. Follow this guide to get them back on track.

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