How to Replace a Frog Hook and Catch More Bass

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In this video, Captain Jesse Mizell shares a tip for hollow-body frog fishing: replacing the hook. While many frogs come with a 3/0 hook, Jesse prefers to replace it with a 4/0 hook. The bigger hook increases the hook gap, which raises the hook points from the body and increases hooking percentages.

Mizell demonstrates how to replace the hook on a hollow body frog, sharing a step-by-step process without damaging the lure. The first step is to tie your frog onto your line, moisten the hook eye area, and shank exit point to prevent damaging the body. Then, rotate the hook upside down, pinch the eye, and work it backward until it pops through. Next, spread the hook and route the line tie off, then thread it back on the new 4/0 hook. Once it’s in place, grab the main line, pull the new hook back into the frog body, rotate it, and ensure it’s secure.

Mizell has seen a significant increase in his hookup ratio since he started
using a 4/0 hook. He suggests using a 7’3″ heavy-power, fast action rod, a 65-pound test braided line, and a 7:3:1 gear ratio reel for a better popping rhythm.

While this method may not be ideal for throwing in super heavy cover, it’s perfect for throwing over moderate to sparse grass and around isolated spots. Mizell’s advice is straightforward, making it a valuable tip for novice and experienced anglers. So next time you’re out frog fishing, consider replacing your hook with a 4/0 hook to increase your chances of catching more bass.

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