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How to Pour Your Own Lead Fishing Jigs

This is an introduction to pouring your own jigheads at home. It’s not terribly difficult but you do need to know what you’re doing and have not only the right tools and supplies but also an open work area, with good ventilation and proper safety equipment.  Basically you need a pot to heat the lead in, a heat source, a mold, hooks and then tools like gate shears to trim excess lead and gloves to handle hot pots and potential splashes of molten lead.

In this video Jason uses the following equipment to pour his jigs:

And the process for pouring a homemade jig is straightforward as follows:

  1. Melt the lead
  2. Place your Hook in your mold. Also add in any keepers, weed guards that the jig requires as well.
  3. Close mold and hold it tightly closed.
  4. Position Mold under lead spout.
  5. Release lead quickly into the mold. If you pour too slow lead will cool and not fill the cavity.
  6. Open Mold and wiggle hook loose.
  7. Cut excess sprue off the head with gate shears.
  8. Set jig aside to cool.

WARNING: Please use extreme caution when using and pouring lead. Proper ventilation, proper equipment and proper precautions should be taken. Don’t pour lead around children or in areas without good airflow. Wear protective masks and gloves and clean your areas thoroughly.