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Plano EDGE Tackle Boxes for Jigs | Gussy’s System

Canadian bass fishing pro and multi-species-angler Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson carries over 50-pounds of jigs in his boat, making efficient storage essential. While there are a pile of excellent tackle boxes for fishing, Gussy shares his system for keeping jigs organized and protected from wear and tear by using an assortment of size-specific Plano EDGE Series tackle boxes.


His process involves pairing key jig categories to specific boxes based on the number of jigs needed and the packaging size. He shares jig box setups for tube heads, Damiki and small swimbaits, Ned, round ball, football jigs, mushroom heads, and bulk packaging.

Bottom line, jigs are among the most crucial lure categories because they can be fished standalone, with thousands of plastics combinations, or live bait. A good collection is costly, so it should be cared for and organized — Gussy’s system accomplishes both.