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How to Fish Spoons for Bass on Floating Docks

The dilemma with docks and especially deep floating docks is how do you get underneath them? Professional angler James Watson is a huge fan of spoons. When water temperatures reach beyond 70 degrees, James prefers flutter-style spoons, which have a tendency to fall away from you. The deeper is falls, the further back it reaches. On the contrary, when water temps dip below 70 degrees, James has more confidence in slab spoons.

Watson’s presentation is to pitch the spoon to the dock on the shady side and let it fall on semi-slack line. Once it hits bottom or not much deeper than 40 feet, he reels in and makes a new pitch. As always when dock fishing, equipment is important. It’s imperative to have a fast reel and powerful rod and line to quickly extract bass from out under the docks.