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How to Fish for Bass Around Wood With Jigs

Wired2Fish Managing Editor Walker Smith provides some insight on how to fish for bass around wood with jigs. Walker recommends taking it slow and not getting ahead of yourself. Allow the jig to free fall to the bottom on a slack line and crawl back to the boat while making bottom contact. When pitching into specific cover such as a standing tree or flooded timber, it’s important to remember to focus on the shady side and while the base of the tree is often productive, don’t overlook the area surrounding the tree for potential cover where bass lay and wait.

This past November, Walker actually caught his new personal best bass (13.14 pounds) on a bottom contact presentation utilizing a lot of these tips. Just like he mentioned in this video, the bass “ticked” his Baby Brush Hog just like a small bluegill. To read about his catch and get more tips on this type of fishing, you can read his article here.