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How to Catch More Dock Bass with Fewer Casts

Brandon Cobb observes that bass anglers commonly overlook fishing docks on grass lakes throughout the south. But here’s the hang — you should target dock bass on these lakes because their shade causes gaps and edges in the grass that attracts forage and bass. Rather than deliver a comprehensive guide to dock fishing bass, Cobb discusses the importance of making fewer casts to the right spots to increase your efficiency and chances of catching more quality fish.

Some docks have bass, and others are void, so spending too much time picking apart each dock can equate to a lot of wasted time. Instead, Cobb’s dock strategy revolves around making a few key casts to the dock’s highest percentage areas, then moving on to the next. He always makes a cast to the broadest opening underneath a dock, the corners, and sometimes the walkways, then moves on to the next.

In his opinion, fishing more docks leads to greater success than making a lot of casts to fewer docks because many docks have little or no fish. You’re more likely to connect with productive docks by fishing more of them, and a few casts are usually all that’s needed to reveal their presence.