Greg Hackney’s Secrets to Selecting Bass Hooks

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Join professional angler Greg Hackney as he explores the nuances of selecting the perfect hooks for bass fishing with plastics. In this comprehensive guide, Hackney simplifies the often overwhelming process, focusing on various fishing techniques like casting, flipping and pitching, and explaining how to match these with the right hook type.
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The choice of hook is critical and varies based on the fishing method:
  • For Heavy-Duty Flipping: Hackney opts for heavier, straight-shank hooks to prevent flexing during close, powerful sets, commonly using a Gamakatsu G Power Flip and Punch Hook for its strength and versatility with both braid and fluorocarbon lines.
  • For Casting with Plastics: Hackney suggests using round bend or EWG (Extra Wide Gap) hooks when casting, especially at a distance. These hooks are designed to ensure better hook-ups during the ‘pull set’ technique, which is crucial when the fish is away from the boat.


  • Hook Size and Fit: The goal is to use the largest hook possible without compromising the natural presentation of the bait. This maximizes the hook-up ratio by ensuring the hook occupies the right amount of space within the bait.
  • Weight Compatibility: The size of the hook often correlates with the weight being used. For heavier weights and aggressive flipping, a larger hook might be necessary to maintain effective hook penetration.


Hackney highlights the advantages of modern hook coatings like Nano Alpha, which enhance the hook’s slickness and penetration capability. This coating not only aids in better hook sets but also offers significant rust resistance, a valuable feature for maintaining hook integrity in various weather conditions.
By blending personal insights with practical advice, Greg Hackney gives anglers the tools to tailor their hook choices to their fishing styles and conditions, ensuring better performance and more successful fishing outings.