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GMAN’S Favorite All-Around Finesse Worm

A Zoom Trick Worm is often Texas Rigged, Carolina Rigged, Wacky Rigged, and fished shaky head, and most bass pros have one rigged as a “floating worm” in the spring months. Floating worm is a generic term to refer to a plastic worm rigged weightless. Cast it out and twitch back; it’s neutrally buoyant body glides tantalizing through the water, can be fished on the surface or allowed to slowly sink, making it a versatile and efficient finesse presentation when bass are relatively shallow. GMAN takes us through his rigging process, discussing color, terminal tackle and preferred equipment for fishing this lure. There’s some great tips in here you won’t want to miss. Product used: Zoom Magnum Trick Worm (Black), Gamakatsu Offset Worm Hook (5/0), 14-16lb Sunline Fluorocarbon, and Quantum Mag Reel (6.3:1).