On-the-go Fishing Tackle Organization Accessory Review | Ott DeFoe

Chalk it up to human nature, but step foot into most fishing boats, and you’ll usually find cup holders filled to the brim with a mess of tangled baits and hooks (and usually rusted!). Pro bass angler Ott DeFoe runs his ship a little differently. He highlights the Tackle Titan Lure Hanger Kit, his favorite on-the-go tackle management tool, which keeps cup holders available for drinks and baits immediately ready to swap out while staying rust-free.

DeFoe pulls a selection of baits from in-storage tackle boxes as part of his fishing day preparations and attaches them to a series of magnet hangers on the Lure Hanger Kit. Not having to rummage through a pile of boxes saves a bunch of time. Baits swaps are fast, and lures stay organized in a single location. You get the added benefit of rust prevention if you mount the hanger kit in an area protected by the rain. Reconstitute your tackle back to their parent boxes at your leisure, and you’ve added impressive efficiency to your recreational or tournament fishing day.

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