Epic Day Shallow Cranking for Cold Water Bass

I wanted to share one of the better days of bass fishing I had this time last year with Terry Bolton after a day of warm rain and sun heated up the shallow dirty water in the backs of some creeks. It was early February and water temps had been in the 40s but warmed to 50 degrees by the end of the day, and the shallow crankbait bite kept getting better and better even as an approaching cold front, heavy wind, sleet and rain made for challenging fishing conditions.

Bolton and I share some tips and our fun day of fishing in this longer format video to help those of you still fighting to get through the winter without much fishing. We share some of what we look for, recycling areas, changing cadence, lure selection and more. I will have a follow-up video that focuses more on playing the water and choosing locations for good prespawn shallow crankbait fishing for bass.

Tackle used in this video:

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