Drop Shot Rig for Smallmouth Bass in Current

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Several portions of the Great Lakes experience pronounced currents, especially in the neck-down areas between the lakes and tributary rivers. Pro bass angler Cole Floyd stresses the importance of targeting bass in high-current flow areas and always has a drop shot rig and minnow-imitating plastic at the ready.

Despite the seemingly endless natural habitat, Floyd finds a pile of smallmouth stacked along the base of the steel pilings in heavy current. In this environment, the current flow functions as a food conveyor belt, washing baitfish to them. The biggest challenge in this environment is getting your bait to the bottom and keeping it there — not an easy task with most lures. Floyd demonstrates the current-busting power of a drop shot rig in high-current environments.

Current speed dictates the weight he’ll use, with a 1/2-ounce proving best on this day for getting to the bottom while still allowing the setup to slip drift naturally across the bottom. While the manmade structure provides seemingly little current refuge, bottom structure and cover are key ambush points. The drop shot ensures your bait is in the strike zone, making it an irresistible meal for aggressive smallmouth bass in wait.

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