Choosing Topwater Prop Baits: Whopper Plopper Vs. Buzzbaits

You might ask, “when a prop-style hard bait over a buzzbait?” Both are topwater lures that create disturbance via revolving mechanisms, but each has their time and place. Pro bass angler Jeff Sprague is a hardcore buzzbait fisherman but will admit there’s a time and place where the Whopper Plopper is king. Casting distance and accuracy is greater with the Whopper Plopper, and this allows for faster fishing and more water covered over a period of time. Having two treble hooks is also beneficial – hooking percentages are higher over buzzbaits. Curious bass will often nip at the lure, and touching a treble hook spells fish in the boat whereas they need to eat a buzzbait to get the big single hook in their mouth. Lastly, Sprague talks the importance of rod action, and favors one with power for the initial set, but also some tip to prevent treble hooks from tearing out during the fight.


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